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At Rocket, we are proud of how effective we are at gaining 'ink' for our clients. A significant part of our success is in having our own subject experts who regularly comment on key business issues and talk at key events. In addition, we publish our own research and a monthly economic update available to subscribers at the start of each month. Please email us at to be added to our distribition list

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News: Rocket Performance Group

Insights from our Globe-Trotting Training & Development Team

By Rocket Performance | April 5, 2018

Over recent years, I have had the pleasure to take the reach of the Rocket Performance Group to a truly international realm. While it is easy to be myopic and always think about the UK, it is fascinating to realise that these international clients are similarly preparing for an increasingly uncertain future.  In the UK, we are not alone! Having finessed many performance approaches to help UK businesses succeed, it has been great pride that we have received invitations and assignments to develop performance change programmes in countries as far afield as Colombia, Brazil and Canada to name but a few of the more recent engagements. This type of work is always met with a degree nervous anxiety; key questions frequently cross my mind as I transit airports and business lounges; what will their level of engagement really be like? What is their reason to change and how open will they…

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Creating News Matters, but how?

By Rocket Performance | April 5, 2018

People buy from businesses that they know and trust and in challenging market conditions, this is even more true. However, while many businesses ‘buy’ this principle, they can become frustrated that making the news is not as easy as they had hoped; so why do some business make the headlines, while others don’t? The key factors in making the news are threefold: Creating newsworthy stories; Sustaining high quality momentum; Agility, appropriateness and authenticity. OK, so the final point is a three-in-one point, but in essence, this illustrates that even when trying to make making the news it is a now that straightforward. Nevertheless; Newsworthy stories – there is a world of difference between PR and marketing copy. Credible PR copy is hard-earned and exactly as the heading says is newsworthy to the target audience. All too often stories fall short of this criterion. Yes, it is true that some people…

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