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Insights from our Globe-Trotting Training & Development Team

Over recent years, I have had the pleasure to take the reach of the Rocket Performance Group to a truly international realm. While it is easy to be myopic and always think about the UK, it is fascinating to realise that these international clients are similarly preparing for an increasingly uncertain future.  In the UK, we are not alone!

Having finessed many performance approaches to help UK businesses succeed, it has been great pride that we have received invitations and assignments to develop performance change programmes in countries as far afield as Colombia, Brazil and Canada to name but a few of the more recent engagements.

This type of work is always met with a degree nervous anxiety; key questions frequently cross my mind as I transit airports and business lounges; what will their level of engagement really be like? What is their reason to change and how open will they be to learn?

Curiously, I am always overwhelmed and humbled by the motivation and belief our ideas generate when we work with these new clients. For example, recently in Medellin, in Columbia, I was met by incredible optimism and desire to learn. Given the country’s recent history (Narco’s / Paramilitaries!) it was wonderful to see the teams so focused and committed on how they make their futures better by applying the key learnings we generate.

The personal insights and self-development that come with these experiences are always centred around cultural differences and customs. Don’t get a taxi from Oslo airport! What is curious though, is how similar the performance challenges are across all the Geo’s and Markets we operate in. In fact, I am certain that we have more in common than we have differences.

There may be more virgin markets in which our concepts can take root more quickly (Colombia) or there may be dominant market positions that need to be nurtured (Canada). However, from Bogota to Budapest, from Mountain View to Sao Paulo, everybody in the businesses we work with are looking to develop their ability to manage the pressure on margins. All see the impact of creating value with their customers, and moreover, all see the value of truly investing in developing their people as the route to creating transformative performance changes in their organisations.

In tandem with this thirst for knowledge and development, it is humbling to see how much they value the impact of great coaching and the importance of developing high impact coaching climates.

I continue to learn from our varied projects I’m firmly held to the belief that to help organisations transform their people and consequently the organisational performance is a privilege. It is with great pride that I have received very positive feedback on the impact of our approaches. To have the opportunity to impact individuals is a where change starts but it is only by creating climates in which this “risk taking” can flourish will those organisations become future proof. Now, this is a global truism without boundaries.

As always, the team and I look forward to the opportunity of helping you and your business. In the meantime, in what may seem challenging times in the UK, it is worth reflecting that many countries around the world face similar and certainly greater challenges and many continue to admire what the UK can offer them.

Ian Howell


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