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Creating News Matters, but how?

People buy from businesses that they know and trust and in challenging market conditions, this is even more true. However, while many businesses ‘buy’ this principle, they can become frustrated that making the news is not as easy as they had hoped; so why do some business make the headlines, while others don’t?

The key factors in making the news are threefold:

  • Creating newsworthy stories;
  • Sustaining high quality momentum;
  • Agility, appropriateness and authenticity.

OK, so the final point is a three-in-one point, but in essence, this illustrates that even when trying to make making the news it is a now that straightforward. Nevertheless;

Newsworthy stories – there is a world of difference between PR and marketing copy. Credible PR copy is hard-earned and exactly as the heading says is newsworthy to the target audience. All too often stories fall short of this criterion. Yes, it is true that some people and indeed some businesses are newsworthy and can gain coverage for stories that may not be usually covered. The only way to view their status is that they have earned their newsworthy status. As a PR company, one of our key roles is to help clients by creating newsworthy stories; often ones that they had not seen.

Sustaining Momentum – creating initial stories is exciting and they can often gain coverage. Much like creating a newsletter, sustaining a great PR pipeline requires imagination and insight.

Agility, appropriateness and authenticity – speed can gain ‘ink’ when the story is time-bound, being appropriate is great, but remember not everyone is going to be able to comment on the latest budget. Choose story platforms where you can stand out, where you are qualified to comment and where you have a distinctive and considered view.

Now, this is a just a summary, other challenges such as media contacts, the use of social media etc. all abound but get it right and you with or without PR help can create and make the news, but it does require craft, creativity and continuity to sustain it. We wish you all the best and are always happy to help!


Marketing & PR : 01555 661856 Training & Development : 07951 289308 Corporate Development : 07711 197058

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