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Team Rocket


Graham Filmer MBA DipM FCIM

Leads our PR and Marketing activities, supported by an experiened team. Helping clients to gain positve 'ink', and develop/deliver imaginative branding propositions that really differentiate their offerings is the teams speciality.

Graham is a regular speaker and commentator on financial services and the automotove sector.

In his downtime Graham can be found refereeing rugby matches in Scotland, or repairing classic cars

Ian Howell

Ian Howell BA (Hons)

Leading the business' training and development activities, Ian's insight and boundless enthusiasm finds him helpng leadership and sales teams across the globe to discover an added spark by providing guidance, support and tools that have delivered measurable transformation in a range of organisations.

Ian has the ability to pull on the expertise of a pan European faculty. This faculty is made up of some of the leading facilitators and trainers in Europe. Ian is a Governor at Shiplake College and a leading light in British junior rowing in his role as West Midlands junior rowing and Junior Coach at Ross Rowing Club

neil smart-casu small-2

Neil Ward BA (Hons)

Neil's role as leader of the business' corporate development function sees him and his colleagues working hand in hand with a range of financial services organisations in business acquisition/disposal and product/channel development.

Well conencted and hugely experienced, Neil's insight has enabled many businesses to accelerate their growth.

And when he's not working, Neil can be found....working!

About Us: Rocket Performance

Adventurous and imaginative are key to the way the team at Rocket work. We know that as children everything was seen as possible, why lose that?

At Rocket, we love what we do, but we take client success really seriously, working to ensure that we see what things could be - the potential in every person, campaign, product, brand or business.

We believe that at all times, our clients are entitled to our best ideas, our direct involvement, our complete attention and our capacity to develop imaginative solutions, products and services that work. We are all about creative thinking, and action with a clear focus upon delivering results.

Proactive in our approach, we work to understand each client and their needs, and then deliver an agreed strategy with a sense of speed and fun. After all, success need not be rocket science!

A desire to make an authentic difference was a founding principle behind Rocket. A sense of adventure, imagination and a focus upon customer results has continued to drive the business forward. The business, its reach and resources may have grown, but 'Team Rocket's' launch desire to make a difference remain the driving force behind the business approach.

public relations

Opportunties identified & delivered.

Integrated, authentic & creative.


training & development

Identify, inspire and increase capability.

Providing that extra spark of imagination.

corporate development

about Rocket Performance

Our Values

The Rocket Performance Group seeks to establish long lasting relationships, collaborating with our clients, many of whom we are proud to now call trusted friends. We believe in operating:

Ethically With Integrity Creativity Accountability & With a Sense of Fun & Adventure

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